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Today I’d like to talk about something a bit unusual, rather than talking about the content of a book, I’m gonna talk about the formatting, specifically which one I like best. Because after all, each publisher has their own style.

Hyperion produce heavy, stiff books, like The Demon King, These Broken stars, and Hex Hall. I generally don’t like the formatting of Hyperion books. They’re too heavy, too stiff for my liking. I have to break the spine to read them properly, and I don’t want to damage my precious books.

Then you have publishers like Speak, or Razor Bill, who make the formats no one can complain about, light enough, not too stiff to the point where you have to break the spine. Speak are responsible for books like, Rebel Belle, The Wrath & The Dawn, and The Conspiracy Of Us. And Razor Bill are responsible for, Vampire Academy, Across The Universe, and, Vitro. These books are fine, their covers aren’t hard and awkward, their pages aren’t too thick, their fine. Their matte books, like Rebel Belle are a little velvety, like the ones from Create Space (Amazon’s publisher), but their semi gloss, and ability to mix different types, like on the cover of Across The Universe is exceptionally nice.

My second favorite publisher is Square Fish, I personally loved the The Winner’s series, but those books were a bit like Razor Bills, and Speaks, normal, nice, nothing special. But Square Fish are also responsible for Trial By Fire, and The Kiss Of Deception, which are they floppiest, lightest books in existence. And that’s how I like them. I can open The Kiss Of Deception on any page, and it’ll stay open. I assumed the reason Trial by Fire, and Kiss Of Deception are floppy and wonderful, and The Winner’s series isn’t is because They’re 374, and 486 pages, respectively, while The Winner’s Curse is about 355 pages. However, as much as I love Square Fishes formatting of big books into paperback, I can’t call them my favorite.

My favorite is Harper Teen, I’m currently gazing at all my Harper Teen books, and yes I really mean that, I can type while not looking at the keyboard. Admittedly one of the books I’m looking at, or was, (I’ve stopped now) is Red Queen. We have a complicated relationship, in that I threw Red Queen across the room twice, and I’ll do it a third time for solidarity. It deserves it. The others are Avalon High, All That Glows, and the glorious ‘The Selection’. I haven’t read Avalon High yet, I will once I’m done with my ARC copy of Caraval, and I don’t really remember All That Glows. Harper Teen books are floppy, but they’re not too floppy, and their covers are semi gloss, as used on The Selection, somehow it makes the books feel cleaner than others.

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