The Cover: The Final Version

Aug 30, 2016

I’ve lost count of how many trial covers I made for Hero High. In a strange way designing your own cover is harder than getting someone else to do it, and I’m not talking about the technicalities.

A cover for a Kindle book is fairly easy to make, all you need is a nice image, add the title and the author’s name and you’re done. Amazon even provide a tool a to do it when you publish your book.

But designing a cover isn’t as easy as it looks. It has to catch the eye, and because it sets reader expectation for the book, it has to represent your story accurately. There’s no point in putting a sexy vampire on the cover of a book about two old ladies opening an antique store, it might sell more books but it will also leave readers feeling cheated and lead to bad reviews, unless, of course, you revise the book to work the sexy Vampire in somewhere.

Many readers can tell the genre of a book from the cover, readers can be put off by the cover, the wrong cover can have a whole load of really bad effects, but the good news is you can always change it and people have.

So, what did my book need?

I wanted to set the tone, so something bright and colorful seemed right. Hero High is set in an alternate history; the setting, Icon City, plays a major part in the story, so it seemed only right that the cover should reflect the bright lights of a city, but that in itself wasn’t enough. The Hero’s of Hero High perform on live TV. Their job has more ‘glitz’ than that of a ‘normal’ superhero, so the sky on the cover is filled with glitter. Books like this often choose a school badge as their cover, I preferred just to use the schools logo. What does it mean? The logo features a certain comet, but if you want to know more, you’ll have to search out extracts from the book!

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