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Tarian, the main character from First Born by Janelle Gabay

Tarian, the main character from First Born by Janelle Gabay

Character portraits help your readers visualize the characters you’ve so carefully created, but why do they need more than the description in your book? Here are five reasons to create portraits of your characters.

  1. Once your book is published you may find that like many writers, you struggle to find content for your website, newsletter or Facebook pages. One way to populate these pages with great content your readers will love is to think of them as the ‘bonus features’ you would find on a DVD. Character portraits make great bonus features AND stimulate audience interaction.
  2. Some writers don’t like to describe their characters too much. If you write in the first person, as many do, including a description of your hero can seem contrived, your description is likely distributed throughout your book. A character portrait helps bring all those clues together.
  3. Some writers don’t describe their characters because they want readers to identify with them and fear too much description will stop that happening, but character portraits aren’t intended for use as book covers (though I can make those, too). By adding one to your ‘bonus materials’ you’re making them available to people who have already read and enjoyed your book. Character portraits help your characters become BFF’s with your readers.
  4. When readers love your characters, they like to know you love them too. Having a character’s portrait created shows readers you care, about your characters and in the process, about readers, too.
  5. Last, but not least, character portraits can help you, the author to see your character more clearly. Every author, has at one time or another, written a ‘self insert’ character. Having a portrait created can help you see the character as someone distinct, outside the setting your created, distinct from your other creations. If you’re writing a series, character portraits can make that easier by giving you, the author, a clearer picture.

I was delighted when prize winning author Janelle Gabay asked me to create character portraits for two of her characters from First Born, and I’m pleased to say, she was very happy with the results.

Marina is a talented artist.  She took the descriptions of my characters to heart, and when one of them didn’t meet my expectations, she worked without complaint until it was perfect.  Her turn around time was fast.  I’m extremely happy with my drawings of Tarian and Audrey, and I highly recommend Marina as an artist.

Janelle Gabay


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