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Cover’s are more important than you think, because in addition to writing books, I also make book covers, pre made, and commissions. I’m also a painter, you can see a bit of one of my paintings in my Twitter icon, or at least you could when this was written. I designed my own cover, a cover for Black Blade, my brothers book, Knightsbane, and hopefully many more. Book covers are so important, they have to do so many things, because the truth of the matter is that we judge a book by it’s cover. And frankly I think we should. It’s an artists job to not only do as the client asks, but not sacrifice their own style, and they have to do this while making sure the image they choose for the cover is an accurate representation of the book, tone and story wise. So today I want to talk about some of my favorite book covers as an artist and an avid reader.

Let’s start with the covers I simply admire, like Ink, I don’t know how popular The Paper Gods Series is, but two of the three books have beautiful covers, let’s not talk about the third, because sadly The Paper gods series has fallen to something I like to call ‘last cover syndrome’, none the less, Ink, and Rain, have beautiful covers, and if you like having something pretty on your shelf, look it up. The artists is Petra Dufkova. She is a lovely artist, and I’d love to know more about her process.

The second cover and artist I want to talk about is The School For Good And Evil, I I just bought the second book in the series, and I’m totally hooked! But I happily admit the good castle in the background has been killing me. I’ve been in an artist coma trying to draw a fairytale castle, and I just can’t. Help. The art is by Iacopo Bruno who regularly does work for book covers, if I could commission another artist to make a cover for me, it would be this guy, please look up his work, it beautiful, not only that, but he regularly makes his covers continuous images, from front, spine, and onto the back. I adore his work, and like I said, I’m killing myself trying to draw something that has the same fairytale feeling, I can’t concentrate.

The last cover I’d like to talk about is The Selection, and if you know me, you know I adore The Selection, but today we’re not talking about the content. The first cover for The Selection is magnificent because when I first saw it in my local book store, I knew what it was without reading the blurb. The washed out skin tone of the model, and ratty mirrors behind her, the tiara on top of the title, Dystopia princesses. I just KNEW, and that is what you want in a book cover. The perfect cover grabs your eye, and tells you what’s inside. The ones i’ve listed before this, are more art crushes than anything else, which is why The Selection is at the top.

So there you have it, covers are more than just pretty, or eye catching. As a cover artists, I take my job VERY seriously. Perhaps more so than I should.

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