Hero High

Kindle Countdown deal

What’s the best way to promote a kindle book? I’m still learning. So far I’ve been impressed by some email promotion deals, particularly bargainbooksy where Hero High has been successful every time it’s advertised. When it comes to ads, I’ve tried facebook but remain to be convinced, It’s nice to have ‘likes’ on your pages, but what are they really for? It doesn’t seem to matter how much you spend on advertising or asking for clicks to another page – what you get are ‘likes’ and I’m still not sure that’s what I really want. I’ve also been surprised by amazon advertising. I’ve run several ads for Hero High on amazon, not one has so far netted a sale.

So here I am trying something different – a kindle countdown deal. If you’ve never tried kindle countdown it’s available to those who agree to make their book exclusive to amazon and it works like this – if your book is priced at, say 4.99, the price is reduced to 99c and then increases at regular intervals until it returns to the original price. You can run a countdown deal over just a few days or longer, so I’m trying the short approach. Today only, you’ll find Hero High: Figure In The Flames available for 99c on Amazon, tomorrow the price will go up to 1.99, the day after to 2.99 and the day after that it goes back up to 3.99 where it was before.

Personally, I think it’s great value at 359 pages it almost twice the length of many others in the same genre, so if you haven’t had the chance to check out Hero High yet, you can get it today for 99c. And when you have, you can ‘like’ my Facebook page!

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